the yoga, [The Life + { } ]


*a new thing made #bralette

^a new food learned how to be made #donuts

^^new homemade hot (v hot) hot sauce provided by @jiu_jitsu_nick #hotsauce

+ & ++ books 47-52/50 (fiction & nonfiction, respectively) &a quick s/o to @blavidreader for being such great book inspo (am i finally cool now that i’ve finished my book goal early?!?!), and twas her delectable description of Chocolate Cities [among other reads this year] that made me need to read it; totally worth it (visit my read list HERE) #lookinlikeastack

**a new creative @knivesmeow of whom i am in awe due to their obvious talents, incredible hard work and wonderously woke aspirations (on youtube at Radhia Rahman) #makersgonnamake

>the yoga posture from which i learned the most this month (&successfully continued taking myself to yoga school every day this month, w/ the help of the book Power of Ashtanga Yoga by Kino MacGregor )


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