I dream in two respects, caught day-dreaming above in the photo by Evan Moseley, and through the first steps toward a larger dream.

Sometimes I write, and today I launched the First Issue of my new online mini-magazine, Metric.Skeptic.

If curious, visit The First Issue and/or the site, Metric.Skeptic.

Your curiosity will hopefully be rewarded.

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fireworks = celebration


Korea’s National Liberation Day

International Fireworks Festival 2014

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…day day day…

Don't Get Captured

“It always seemed a little preposterous that Hamlet, for all his paralyzing doubt about everything, never once doubts the reality of the ghost. Never questions whether his own madness might not in fact be unfeigned. …That is, whether Hamlet might be only feigning feigning.”

‘Hal Incandenza’ from David Foster Wallace’s, Infinite Jest 

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