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* + ** i got a new bike bc i started a new day job on day two of this year, for the expressed purpose of working at 0500, four days a week, in an effort to …well it’s a long droll story about finances and the pursuit of my new aspirations, but in short, so that i can hopefully go back to school in the fall in pursuit of a master’s in law studies so that i may enter law school, but i do not wish to be a practicing lawyer, nevertheless, in order to study law, one must go to law school, and then (and only then), will i finally study THE thing for which i am going to dedicate my life, but working at 0500 means that i must commute between the hours of 0415 and 0445, and i am one that possesses an uncanny fear of the dark (&murderers, etc.), but for the first week of said new job, the lifemate/bodybuddy walked me to work, and then i got my bike, Maxine, and she began cutting my commute time to a third, and we are the best of buddies, these days, but this whole bike situation has also brought up a lot of issues with regards to how men (my dad) who say to women that, essentially, you’re “good enough” to use boy stuff, and that girl stuff is impractical, so you can do anything a boy can do, are not empowering women, they’re erasing womanhood, but this is not about that, so i’ll give it more thought, quietly, on my own #wearahelmet #cruiser #bike

^ my fondness for the expanding quiet that seems to only occur during the Anus of Night grows by the day… #moonlight

> + >> the yoga postures that saved me bc for the first week of my new employment i cried every single day (i hadn’t worked since february 2020)…i cried the nights before work, and i cried in the mornings, and then one day, i didn’t #yoga

~ we also finally registered our new business, but since i do not use social media for business, there’s no need for me to disclose much else about it, except that we’ve got ourselves a new EIN, baby! 

+ and finally, i made some new custom fabric masks in late-late december, bc we started double masking with a paper medical mask over a fitted fabric mask…it honestly feels really good, secure, protective #fuckingwearafacemask …please.


행복로 (Happiness Road)

[M]emento [M]ori


She puts on a smile so the world may see,

the she in her she wants to deceive;

with a plan and a purpose too great to relieve;

she pursues the perception wholeheartedly, naive.

– via my current, Untitled, manuscript-in-progress)





Best. Day. Ever.

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This post is intrinsically tied to the previous post, since, the two together make up the Best. Day. Ever. And they are both photos from our most recent adventure,

2017 ETMC Travels: Sydney Edition