The Boring Company

[The Life + { } ]

“What time is it?” she inquires. “Nine-thirty,” he obliges. “Motherfucker.” “Yea.” “Well, what do you wanna do now?” “Ugh.” “You could bore me,” she winks with a little body-to-body teaser. “Oh,” he perks. “I love good boring company,” she flirts. “I live to bore,” he retorts. She rolls her eyes. “To the subway then,” he announces as he grabs her hand and runs her to the nearest subway station home.

—“The Boring Company” by Lady Polarity


Living Hyperbole

in:Seoul, [The Life + { } ]

“Suddenly, a green door appeared out of the misty fog of light rain wishing it were snow, with promises of thirst-quenching delight and mind-blowing fun springing forth from the fireworks that burst overhead. Uncertain but thirsty, they decided to enter through the magical, green swinging door, and as they entered, they immediately knew that they had stepped back through time and space into an Old-Earth realm.”

—via “Living Hyperbole” by Lady Polarity





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