An Opening Passage

Don't Get Captured

“A wise woman made a beeline to the shelf, poked her head down to examine the object more closely, stepped back, pointed, and promptly began criticizing the examined thing. And then the wise woman started to get this profound sense that none of this really matters.”

via the opening passage of my book Red & Blue Make Green



Officially an ‘Author’

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‘Obligated Flower’

Don't Get Captured


To experience a pleasurable gift given with intention blossoms great satisfaction like the slow, thoughtful growth, beauty of the bonsai, unlike the grown-for-quantity flower fields where blooms are grown not to live, but rather to die, in a vase, upon a desk, for temporary appeal, where the task to enliven a mundane space rests solely upon the sacrifice of an obligated flower.

Red & Blue Make Green [p 10] by TK Camas

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