December Reads [books 66-72/72!]

Books | Completed Reads


Month Goal: 7/7

Year Goal: 72/72

The Immortal Game by David Shenk

The Elephant’s Secret Sense: The hidden lives of the wild herds of Africa by Caitlin O’Connell

Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs from Communism to Al-Qaeda by Robert Wallace and H. Keith Melton

Elephant Don: The politics of a pachyderm posse by Caitlin O’Connell

How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

Around the World in 80 Plants by Jonathan Drori

Carry On: Reflections for a new generation by John Lewis

*re the photos … yes, there are two pics that are not of the quality that i would like to post to the interewebs, however, there’s nothing to be done about it as my eyesight is poorer than i’d like it to be, and so, ever so often, images make it to a final copy before having been seen on a larger screen, etc. Oh well, life goes on … re the posting of this post … it snowed here the first heavy snow of this winter season, and the bodybuddy/lifemate and i ride our bikes into our 0500 jobs three days a week, and so, the beginning of this year made for an eventful few days, but i am doing this thing now, and so, i am grateful to be doing it at all