Channeling* Joan

[M]emento [M]ori
“Remember what it is to be me.”

—Joan Didion in The Center Will Not Hold via her own Blue Nights





*No, I do not smoke**, but I tried it for the first time for this photo.







Orbital Living

[M]emento [M]ori

“Tremble, sure, at the fear and uncertainty of no longer living, of a life stolen from you by some unknown thing that drags or catapults you from life, into death. Or remember that, perhaps, death penetrates life so that you may be freed from it. Perhaps life represents the hellscape that you desperately desire to avoid. Perhaps Death, a friend, pulls longingly for your company and enriches your existence.”

—an excerpt via Thereafter by Lady Polarity




행복로 (Happiness Road)

[M]emento [M]ori


She puts on a smile so the world may see,

the she in her she wants to deceive;

with a plan and a purpose too great to relieve;

she pursues the perception wholeheartedly, naive.

– via my current, Untitled, manuscript-in-progress)